Monday 14 March 2016


The Fairfield Boathouse was established in 1908 by John St Clair as a picnic, camping and refreshment room area and boat shed area. John St Clair was a piano tuner from Smith Street Fitzroy, with a vision. In 1923 the boathouse was raised by 12 feet to help minimise flood damage, a frequent threat to boathouses along the Yarra.

Boat and canoe carnivals and open air carnivals were common sights at Fairfield until the 1950’s. Boating popularity declined until finally the Fairfield Boathouse was closed in 1980 as it was declared unfit for human habitation.

In 1985 the boathouse was restored and re-opened. Meticulous work and an eye for detail was required for rebuilding. Even the gardens have been restored to encourage native birds. Today you can paddle through Inner Melbourne's only remaining natural bushland by hiring a boat, canoe or kayak. Or, at the Fairfield Park Boathouse you can enjoy informal outdoor dining where you can relax by the river in summer or sit by the cozy wood fires and admire the view in winter.

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  1. Wonderful photo shares! Have a great week and thank you for sharing today.

  2. So much to see and enjoy in your part of the world. Never saw boats like that. Love the house.

  3. Wow...the top of those huge mushrooms...what a unique design!

  4. Hello Nick, Thank you for joining the new Blue Monday at Backyard Neighbor. I am so pleased with the turnout today. Sally would be smiling for sure.

    It is wonderful that The Fairfield Boathouse has been restored. What a lovely place to spend time. It is sad to lose such a lovely place and the restoration looks so nice.

    Happy Blue Monday.

  5. Lovely, but strange to se autumn motives...

  6. I have four passions in life: sitting in the sunshine, espresso coffee, white wine and water views (bay or river). Fairfield Park Boathouse & Tea Gardens does the lot!

  7. Love the autumn colours and the shot of the boats in a line

  8. Fairfield Boathouse is a must on any trip to Melbourne.

  9. I love that shot of the boats!!! I don't know why but boats give some kind of peaceful feeling in photos.
    Oh yes, I suppose it's now, or soon at least, Autumn in Australia.

  10. That looks like a really nice spot.

  11. Lovely series of photos. I especially enjoyed #2, #5 and the last shot.


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