Monday 10 October 2016


Melbourne has a reputation for changeable weather and extremes of meteorological conditions. This year, our Spring has been late in arriving, relatively cool and wet. Last week we had a couple of days of good weather as you can see from the first shot in the Darebin Parklands.

Last Sunday wild, windy weather belted Victoria and Melbourne, pulling thousands of trees from the ground and slamming them across roads and into homes and cars. A woman, believed to be in her 50s, was killed when the extreme wind storm cause a tree to rip out from the ground and come crashing into her property in Millgrove in Melbourne's east.

In all, the wind brought down 2000 trees and at least 400 power lines, damaged dozens of homes and turned a house fire in Aspendale Gardens into a dangerous blaze that threatened nearby properties. The fierce winds also caused traffic chaos in the air and on the ground and sucked the power from about 83,000 properties, mainly in Melbourne's outer east. AusNet Services had 75 staff working through the night and called in dozens of extra workers on the field on Monday morning but 42,400 homes are still without power.

A tree in our front yard lost a big limb as you can see in the second photo, and further up in our neighbourhood in Rossmoyne St in Thornbury a tree came down as you can see in the third photo (by Mathew Lynn). Rain followed the windy conditions and fortunately that stopped the wild weather...

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  1. Nature is such an unpredictable beast! Some of my friends have been without power in the mountain community of Beulah, Colorado where a wildfire ripped through thousands of acres. While visiting my hometown of Pueblo, Colorado last week we could see and smell the smoke. I am always sad to see the loss of life. I prayer for everyone, everywhere in the midst of this natural disasters. I hope you week is a good one.

  2. Nature seems to be out of control in a lot of places this year. Glad you were spared too much damage.

  3. Great stormy pictures ... they make your weather look interesting instead of dreary. As some philosopher once said there is no bad weather, only different kinds of interesting weather.

  4. Whoa that uprooted tree is sadly looking! Also love the contrast in your last shot! I can see I have nothing to complain about the weather here, except for the up and down temps! Many thanks for sharing this wild weather with SEASONS and wishing you a calm weather week!

  5. Wow Nick, Shades of the hurricane Matthew. It sure caused havoc for millions of people with so many killed in the poor island of Haiti. Two of our daughters live near the Eastern coast of Fl and suffered through Matthew recently. They are fine but lost power and downed tress with flooding that did not reach their area, thankfully. I did not know that the weather could be so violent where you live in Australia. The tree photo is common when a hurricane hits Florida. We live in NC but I was raised in Miami, FL. I have been through countless hurricanes over the years. Very scary.

    Hope your week ahead will be a good one.


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