Monday, 14 November 2016


The South Melbourne market is a covered food and general goods market located in South Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. It began operating in 1867, and is a Victorian style of building with wood and red brick. The market has undergone various refurbishments in its lifetime, some of necessity, after numerous fires. The worst of these was in 1981 when two of the original sheds were destroyed and, later in the year, stalls were damaged by bombs. In 2007/2008, the market's produce areas were redesigned, and in 2012 a new roof was added to reduce leaking and heat load.

With almost 150 stalls operated by small business owners, and 2 hours free parking in the undercover rooftop car park, the market features a huge range of products. As well as that, one may find interesting touches of art and culture int he market, including some quirky murals. The market is just 10 minutes from Melbourne’s CBD and is easily accessible by tram, bus, bike, foot or car.

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  1. The market is certainly a colorful place!

  2. I love big markets like South Melbourne because the produce is fresher, more varied and more colourful than in suburban shops. But the best markets are those open on the sides to the outside. Especially in summer!

  3. What lovely photos of a wonderful Melbourne market, it is great to see the amazing array of food Melbourne offers. I have become a real foodie since living in Melbourne and your photos show why! I am going to miss the cheeses, sweets and the coffee for sure.

  4. Indoor markets are dangerous, seeing all that delicious food, beautiful flowers, etc. etc. God I'm living far away from one, haha. THan you much for giving us the idea of the experience at ALL SEASONS! Have a great week!

  5. I always love to visit local markets. Your photos are interesting and colourful!

  6. I love markets! So much color and a great selection-

  7. In downtown Los Angeles, California, there is a Grand Central Market with booths and stalls where you can purchase meats, produce, baked good, etc. It has been there since 1917. I love going there to eating from place to place. - Margy

  8. Hi Nick, This market is so wonderful. I would love to be close to a market such as this. Your photos really bring out the colors and the delicious wares for sale. How lucky the people of Melbourne are to have such a great place to shop.

    Have a wonderful week.


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