Monday 5 December 2016


With less than three weeks till Christmas, we were surprised yesterday when we visited the Eltham Shopping Mall and saw how few people were around and about shopping. I suppose from next week onwards it will start to get really hectic.

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  1. I love her new dress! Have to see the front too :)
    Joy @ Books and Life

  2. Or people are buying on line. It saves the parking problem and all purchases are delivered to the front door.

  3. How heart warming to see how much this little girl likes her blue dress. Your're right - whenever possible I don't do any Christmas shopping in the last three weeks, because the best items are already gone! Many thanks for sharing this with ALL SEASONS and have a great December week!

  4. Hi Nick, Love the blue dresses in the photo. We live in a small town so shopping is limited. I do think there is an awful lot of shopping with the internet these days. I too think it will pick up very soon though.
    Happy Blue Monday.

  5. She is so proud of her new dress. Lovely!


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