Thursday 1 December 2016


Ozothamnus ferrugineus also called Tree Everlasting is an erect shrub or small tree to 2.5–5 m high. Its branchlets are densely cottony, not viscid. Leaves spreading, oblong or narrow-lanceolate to -oblanceolate, 15–65 mm long, 1–5(–10) mm wide, c. glabrous and resinous above, densely grey-cottony beneath (midrib glabrescent), apex acute, margin slightly recurved; petioles 0.5–2.5 mm long.

The clusters of flowers are hemispherical to corymbose, 3–5(–7) cm diameter. Capitula 80–300, white, cylindric, 3–4 mm long, 1–2 mm wide; involucral bracts 14–18, innermost spathulate, with lamina elliptic, 1–1.5 mm long, reflexed, flat or margin incurved, white, margin entire; receptacle bracts and female florets absent; hermaphrodite florets (4–)5 or 6(–8). Cypsela narrow-ovoid, c. 1 mm long, sparsely papillose; pappus bristles 2–3 mm long, apex narrowly clavate.

Flowering time is November to February. The shrub grows best in moist to wet well drained soils and is widespread in open forest and woodland, and following disturbance. Frost tolerant. Full sun to semi-shade. For garden use, this long flowering plant is perfect for background planting. Prune to maintain bushy habit.

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