Wednesday 5 July 2017


zeitgeist |ˈzʌɪtɡʌɪst| noun [in singular]
The defining spirit or mood of a particular period of history as shown by the ideas and beliefs of the time.
ORIGINmid 19th century: from German Zeitgeist, from Zeit ‘time’ + Geist ‘spirit’.

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  1. Lovely warm jackets for those with a decent home ...and a cold concrete seat for those without a home :( Shame Australia, Shame.

  2. I always feel a combination of both sad and suspicious when I see a homeless person.
    Thanks for sharing these photos at

  3. Pictures taken on the street in daily businesses of people... gives your choice for z the real meaning, doesn't it

    Wishing you a wonderful ABC-day / -week and hopefully till next week when I may welcome you in te new home of ABC-Wednesday on !

    Melody (abcw-team)

  4. I say a lot - I'm just not a zeitgeist type of fellow.



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