Friday 4 January 2019


Today we experienced blistering hot temperatures in Melbourne, just as the weatherman predicted. However, as is often the case with Melbourne's heat, we experienced relief from a cool change. Melbourne’s hottest day in five years suddenly became almost chilly as a fierce cold front crashed through the city. The CBD recorded a maximum temperature of 42.6˚C at 3.41pm and was still at 42˚C by 4pm. Police said five children had to be rescued from locked cars. Then, in the space of 30 minutes, the mercury plunged by 20˚ to 22˚C — below average for this time of year.

This post is part of the Skywatch Friday meme,
and also part of the Friday Photo Journal meme.
Look at that crazy temperature chart line in red, climbing to over 40˚C and then dropping to 22˚C in a matter of minutes as the change sweeps through.

Early morning hot sun and clear skies, with the temperature climbing quickly.

As the change and clouds roll in, the temperature plummets. Never a dull moment in Melbourne!


  1. Mother Nature can sure throw us some curves. Lovely photos BTW #FridayPhotoJournal

  2. Lovely shots! I almost envy your weather--not unlike north Texas in the summer--since it's been rainy and soggy here for what seems weeks. I'll miss it later, but now gloom and slosh just make the winter seem longer and more dismal. I subscribe to Australian Country magazine and always enjoy looking at the spaces. Your photos could have come right out of their pages!

  3. Wow, that's too hot for me.


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