Monday 21 September 2020


Yes, we are still in Lockdown and living through Stage 4 restrictions, which commenced at the beginning of August and have been going non-stop until now. Admittedly we have seen a dramatic decrease in cases and deaths, however, the cost has been great. Still, economies bounce back, people are more resilient than they think, and there is more to life than shopping and having fun.

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  1. Too many of these signs are springing up all over the world.

  2. Oh yes, some things are closed here too, unfortunately all over the world.very positive words from you, we live on if we pay attention to everything and protect ourselves!
    For me the 2nd lockdown is not again but let's see how it goes on. Take care of yourself and stay healthy, greeting Elke

  3. It is difficult, especially in urban environments, to be on lockdown. I believe that from all sacrifices come rewards; it is a matter of attitude and looking with new eyes. Of course, I have been going through my own malaise, so maybe don't take my advice on this! Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!


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