Tuesday 8 September 2020


The strict lockdown in Melbourne has been extended by two weeks, with officials saying new COVID-19 cases had not dropped enough to warrant decreasing restrictions. Victoria State Premier Daniel Andrews said the restrictions would be in place until 28 September, with a slight relaxation.

A gradual easing of the measures will be implemented from October. Our state has been the epicentre of the country's second wave of COVID-19, accounting for 90% of Australia's 753 deaths. Australia has recorded a total of 26,000 cases in a population of 25 million. The greater Melbourne area entered a second lockdown on 9 July after a rise in cases.

A 5km (3 mile) travel limit and night time curfew was imposed while shops and businesses were closed (with the exception of stores selling food and other essentials, pharmacies and doctors' surgeries). The current stage four lockdown was originally set to end on 13 September.

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  1. Stay safe - hopefully the countdown is on for you guys!

  2. Strange to see the deserted streets and sidewalks, isn't it? Really rather eerie.
    Thanks for sharing at http://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2020/09/tufted-titmouse.html

  3. Great shot! I think we're all getting tired of places being closed.

  4. Great capture. Better safe than sorry, and I hope you are Covid-free.


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