Tuesday, 10 November 2020


Well, Melbourne seems to be over the COVID-19 second wave, with no new cases and no deaths reported in the last 10 days. Most of the draconian restrictions have now been lifted, although we still wear masks outside and maintain social distancing rules. Although most businesses have opened, there are still restrictions in the numbers of people allowed inside and there are other restrictions still in place regarding maximum numbers allowable in public gatherings.

The good news is that Pfizer, the multinational pharmaceutical company, has just announced that a COVID vaccine they have developed is 90% efficient in preventing infection in vaccinees. This has been confirmed by extensive clinical trials in which the vaccine or a placebo was administered to over 40,000 people. Commercial production of this vaccine has commenced and its worldwide distribution is planned. Our lives may well get back to normal sooner rather than later...

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  1. How gorgeous!
    Thanks for sharing at https://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2020/11/a-letter-found-at-world-war-ii-memorial.html

  2. Our numbers are climbing, so I think Australia did a good thing.

  3. nice night scene with pretty reflections

  4. Lovely shot. I am not putting too much hope in the vaccine just yet, and I am sick of this stupid virus...but what shall be, shall be. Day at a time and no planning ahead too far (or too far away either...)

  5. Glad to see beautiful Melbourne is coming out the other side


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