Wednesday, 28 July 2021


I always harp on here about how lucky we are in Metropolitan Melbourne to have so many parks, parklands, nature reserves, gardens and green zones. But immediately I say it, I think how we are also challenged by people who are intent on destroying such beauty, and ruining such an essential part of what keeps our city and citizens healthy. 

Some conscienceless and stupid people go out of their way to litter our streets and parks, pollute our waterways, throw away their rubbish into creeks, storm-water drains and sewers and vandalise flora, fauna and facilities.

The effect is larger of course, as the more destruction occurs, the greater the consequences on the broader environment and on every living thing...

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  2. That's not a small amount of rubbish either. It's a strange collection. too many large chunks of different colored glass for it to be general household rubbish. It's like someone went around the streets and compiled everything they found to that rock. Were there any holes around? I do a bit of metal detecting and the glass, pull tabs and cans really do look like the sorts of things found while looking for decimals 🤣

  3. This type of problem has been going on since I was a child. These people are so idiotically lazy.

  4. Sadly, there are those that don't care all over the world. But, we can't let them steal our joy.

    Thanks for sharing your link at My Corner of the World this week!


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