Saturday 23 July 2022


This is an Australian Grey Headed Flying Fox (bat), which is  currently classified as a threatened species in Australia. Flying foxes are an example of the dire effects of altering our natural environment. Due to enormous rates of deforestation in Queensland and a greater food supply in south eastern Australia, Grey Headed Flying Foxes migrated down south and found a new habitat in Melbourne's Royal Botanical Gardens. Due to the public demand their removal from the Botanical Gardens, the State government coordinated a mass habitat relocation of the bats using sonar to direct them to possible habitats. The bats decided to choose Yarra Bend Park, where they now live happily!

This post is part of the Saturday Critters meme


  1. what a great picture!! i have bats in my backyard and i really don't like them. it's kinda' cute here!!

  2. Deforestation is a sad subject indeed, poor little guy, he's cute

  3. Nice ending to a problem that occurs more and more often. Beautiful photograph.


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