Sunday 16 October 2022


Thousands of people across Southeastern Australia were directed to evacuate their homes on Friday, including some in a western suburb of Melbourne, after two days of incessant rains triggered flash flooding and fast-moving waters burst river banks. Large parts of the state of Victoria, southern New South Wales and the northern regions of the island state of Tasmania were pounded by an intense weather system with some taking more than a month's worth of rain since late Wednesday.

Fortunately Fairfield, our suburb, was not very hard hit - the first photo being taken outside our house. The waters stayed well away from our house! Darebin Creek, about a 10 minute walk from our home was swollen but adjacent properties were not affected. People in other suburbs, especially Maribyrnong, were not so lucky as you can see in the last two photos!

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  1. Noone likes floods, but they rarely happen and families can prepare in advance. Bushfires, on the other hand, cannot be prepared for.. in most cases.

  2. I like the rain but it is so scary when it goes on and on.


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