Saturday 23 June 2012


Crown Casino and Entertainment Complex is a large casino and entertainment precinct located on the south bank of the Yarra River, in Melbourne, Australia. Crown's current casino complex opened in 1997, after moving from its original location from 1994 on the north bank of the Yarra. It is one of the central features of the Southbank area in the central business district and the Crown Promenade fronts onto the waterfront as part of Southbank Promenade. The entire complex has a space of 510,000 m² which is equivalent to 2 city blocks, making it the largest casino complex in the Southern Hemisphere and one of the largest in the world. Here are some shots of one of the fountains in the foyer area.

This post is part of James' Weekend Reflections meme.


  1. What a terrific looking casino, Nick, if you're going to lose your money, that would be the place to do it! It's so colorful and the fountain is awesome! Wonderful captures as always!


  2. Such beauty! I love casinos - love playing the nickel slot machines - and always enjoy the opulence of the decor! Great shots!

  3. Makes it feel like a different universe. Never been inside one. Please have a good Sunday.

  4. It is indeed an opulent building and those fountains with laser light & sound shows are just spectacular - absolutely worth a visit by those living in, travelling to or through Marvellous Melbourne! Thanks for sharing Nick.

  5. The foyer is quite impressive. Did you catch the light show? I a quite like it. I must admit I don't like the Casino though. Terrible place.

  6. Beautiful foutain.
    I've never been to a casino.


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