Sunday 17 June 2012


Darebin Parklands is one of Darebin’s premier conservation parks sited along the Darebin Creek. The park is managed by the Darebin Creek Management Committee which the Cities of Darebin and Banyule are members. Darebin Parklands is a wonderful setting for walks and escaping into the natural environment, and is located only 5km from Melbourne's CBD, in the inner suburban heartland.

The park has a full time Ranger coordinating the Education Centre which details the parks rich history and committment to conservation and environmental sustainability. The Darebin Creek Trail runs through the centre of the park and provides shared trail access through to Bundoora Park 10km to the north.

This post is part of Louis' Sunday Bridges meme,
and also the Weekend Reflections meme,
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  1. Looks like a delightful walk. You've got two great bridges here and some gorgeous reflections, well done Nick.

  2. Such a beautiful place, Nick! I do love the bridges and you got some superb reflections for the day! Hope you have a great week!


  3. Parks with education centres are so important. Too bad that in hard economic times things like that go quickly. - Margy

  4. This looks like a wonderful place for a walk and rest! Love the reflections and that shot of the sun through the trees!

  5. Great nature shots and great bridges.


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