Monday 24 September 2012


I shared a few days ago a photo of a decorated elephant that celebrated the 150 year anniversary of the Melbourne Zoo. Here is another one, also just outside the Queen Victoria Market. The theme behind all of these elephants is animal conservation. This decoration draws attention to the Orange-Bellied Parrot, a threatened species of native bird.

This post is part of the Mandarin Orange Monday meme.


  1. And, how many people after too many glasses of wine see this elephant and wonder if it is the wine? ;)

  2. Now that is one colorful fellow!! What a fun shot for the day, Nick! Hope you enjoyed your weekend and that you're ready for a great week!!

  3. Very cool! I love when a town sponsors a project like this. Not only does it encourage tourism, but also brings art into the area. Chicago had the cows; I've seen pigs and buffaloes and butterflies.

  4. Such a fabulous and pretty elephant!

    Hopping by from Manadarin Orange Monday.

    Here's my take for MoM, hope you can drop by and comment on my
    Hint of Orange post. Have a great week ahead!

  5. What a beautifully done elephant! I love the colors and the reason the artist chose it!

  6. Wonderful Wonderful Wonderful

  7. How lovely to walk down the street and see this amazing sight! He is beautiful! The design on him/her? is interesting too. I looked up the orange bellied parrot just now - lovely bird , a bit like a large budgerigar, isnt' it?! Thanks for sharing it on Mandarin Orange Monday:)


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