Sunday 9 September 2012


Station Pier is a historic pier on Port Phillip, in Port Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Opened in 1854, the pier is Melbourne's primary passenger terminal, servicing interstate ferries and cruise ships, and is listed on the Victorian Heritage Register.

Station Pier, originally known as Railway Pier, was officially opened on 12 September 1854. The 4.5 kilometre rail link from the pier to Flinders Street Station via the Sandridge Bridge (the Port Melbourne line) was opened at the same time to facilitate the transport of passengers and goods, and was the first significant railway in Australia. The pier was kept busy throughout the 1850s, due to the increased passenger traffic created by the gold rush.

In 1861, the pier was extended to a length of 661 metres, in order to accommodate the ever-increasing traffic associated with the number of people settling in Victoria. In the early part of the 20th century, the original pier was unable to accommodate the new breed of larger and more powerful steamships. As a result the current pier was built between 1922 and 1930 and is the largest timber piled wharf structure in Australia.

In 1987, the railway line to Port Melbourne was closed, and replaced by a light rail service, tram route 109, which runs to Box Hill via the city. The Centenary Bridge was demolished in 1991. The Sandridge Trail runs parallel to the tram line. In 2001, the area at the base of the pier was redeveloped to include a boardwalk and a number of new restaurant and cafe buildings. Surrounding the pier are high rise apartment buildings and housing estates.

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  1. seems to be a good mix of busy and quiet areas
    I love the little red building

  2. Excellent series of images Nick, gosh Station Pier has sure changed a lot since it was opened in 1854..

  3. Terrific series, Nick, as always! Such a variety of sites, a good mix indeed! I bet it has changed a lot since 1854!!! Have a great week ahead!!

  4. A very busy waterfront. I like that little red building. It reminds me of many in Norway, too.

  5. Your work makes one always want to travel. Thank you. Please have a great new week ahead.

  6. Lovely photos of the area...loved the guy fishing!


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