Thursday 6 September 2012


Melbourne Spring Fashion Week (MSFW) 3-9 September 2012 is a well-established event that occurs annually in Australia's fashion city, Melbourne. The MSFW team and many volunteers are in and around all events to help with visitor enquiries and to ensure everyone has a great time! All wear black t-shirts with the MSFW brand. Visitors can also ask City of Melbourne tourism volunteers, they can visit the Melbourne Visitor Centre at Federation Square, or the Melbourne Visitor Booth in the Bourke Street Mall to obtain copies of the program. Plus, the MSFW team has daily information on events and activities displayed on the big screen at City Square.

The event is sponsored by the City fo Melbourne Council and supported by many corporate sponsors. There is a diverse range of events and experiences located throughout the heart of Melbourne, so MSFW is a great opportunity for visitors to discover parts of the city they may never have been to before, or uncover some hidden treasures in spots they are already familiar with.

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  1. What joy. Never have been to one. Surrounded by beauty. Please have an alike day ahead.

  2. Great shot of some appalling (to me!) fashion!!

  3. We do live in the most wonderful city in the world don't we Nick.

  4. Great shots! This would be a fun event to attend...even if I couldn't wear the fashions!


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