Saturday 5 January 2013


All Nations Park is located adjacent to the Northcote Plaza Shopping Centre (which itself opened in October 1981 at the site of the old brickworks). There is a large man-made hill over where the tip used to be at the site of the old quarry There are skating facilities, as well as basketball courts, play equipment and picnic facilities. There is a lot of open space which many people use to fly kites and exercise their dogs. There is also a large native garden giving special attention to plants indigenous to the area, and a series of ponds.

This post is part of the Weekend Reflections meme.


  1. Wonderful, watery reflections and I love the skies in your last shot! Terrific captures, Nick, as always! Hope you're enjoying a great weekend!!

  2. I had no idea this place existed Nick. It looks like a wonderful to take a peaceful walk.

  3. Beautiful reflections!


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