Monday 21 January 2013


Emporium Melbourne, is the shopping centre that will replace the old Myer Lonsdale Street store. Emporium will have 240 tenancies taking up 46,000 square metres of floor space. The aim is to complete the project by Christmas 2013. At Emporium, the developers are promising a judicious blend of old and new design:

''On Lonsdale Street - the main entrance - we will retain the heritage facades. A lot of structural steel is in place to hold up the facades, which we will refurbish,'' said Colonial First State's regional development manager, Daryl Stubbings, who heads the development team. At ground level, the plan is to completely activate the street with boutique retailers, in Lonsdale and Little Bourke streets. A typical store is 100-150 sq m. However, the developers aim to attract concept stores - including large flagship stores - that will take up to 1500 sq m of space over several levels.

These photos were take from the top floor of the Myer Bourke St store and the site looked a little post-apocalyptic to me, so I applied a quadtone effect to heighten the feeling of doom!

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And just for the record, a couple of untampered with photos:


  1. I've been watching this development Nick. I have font memories of the Myer Lonsdale Street Store. It has been interesting watching them dig through generations of Melbourne's retail heart. I am looking forward to giving the new development the once over. J.

  2. Stunning. I love the depth and crispness of your photography. You have a gift.

  3. Excellent photographs. I do love the orange-ness of them! It must have been a fun shoot!

  4. Great mood in these pics! I can imagine lots of noise going on:)

  5. These are amazing images. The orange colour makes them hauntingly beautiful. Please have a good Tuesday.

  6. Good shots. It will be interesting to see the new place.

  7. Your processing has really made us focus on the interesting positive and negative shapes and patterns. They could almost be cubist artworks. They're great! The orange-ification has really enhanced them! Thank you for sharing on Mandarin Orange Monday:)
    (I would rather they kept all of the old buildings though)


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