Wednesday 2 January 2013


Frankston City is situated on the eastern shores of Port Phillip Bay approximately 40 km south of Melbourne. The municipality covers an area of about 131 square km from Seaford Wetlands in the north, to Mt Eliza in the south, and the Western Port Highway in the east. The western boundary of the City is made up of about 10 kilometres of coastline along Port Phillip Bay. Frankston City is strategically placed as the activity centre for the Mornington Peninsula and the nearby south east growth corridor of Melbourne. Currently, Frankston City provides regional shopping, education, health, community service, financial, recreation and leisure and entertainment facilities for a population catchment far greater than its municipal boundaries.

A number of canals, creeks and other waterways can be found in Frankston, making for some picturesque residential locales. This canal is situated close to Frankston Beach and is along Kananook Creek Boulevard, one of the prime development areas of Frankston.

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  1. What a beautiful and peaceful looking area! Great captures as always, Nick! Hope your holiday season has come to a happy close -- I do enjoy them, but I'm also usually ready to move on!! Enjoy the remainder of your week!


  2. What wonderful thing to have right next to where you live.

  3. Nice series Nick. Frankston is a suburb of contrasts. In another life we used to take a drive to Frankston on a Sunday for a gelato as it had one of the only ice cream shops that traded on a Sunday. My how things have changed.

  4. seing these beautiful scenery makes me want to pack my bags again.


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