Sunday 30 March 2014


The Fairfield Pipe Bridge, crossing the Yarra, is about 5 km east of Melbourne's CBD, located just south of the Fairfield Boat House. It was built in 1878 to carry water from the Yan Yean Reservoir to Kew. The bridge was washed away in the bad floods of 1934. A new pipe bridge was built close to the site of the original bridge. The original pylons were later demolished and no signs remain of the first pipe bridge.

The narrow bridge is open to pedestrians, and although no bicycles are to be ridden on it, I have on more than one occasion nearly collided with a rampant cyclist going full boar on the bridge.

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  1. I know Melbourne is a large city and our 4 million citizens are spreading themselves over a large number of suburbs. But it is still amazing that I don't know many significant parts of this, my own city. Fairfield Bridge seems to be located in a beautiful location!

    It is clear that blogs will continue to be any important source of information and inspiration about Melbourne.

  2. It's quite pretty! And, how great that pedestrians can use it.

  3. Only seeing the image before reading your text, «Louis» thought this to be a railroad bridge. :-)
    Big or small, we welcome them all at Sunday Bridges!

  4. Thanks for making me aware of this Nick. I never even knew it existed.

  5. Quite a bridge just for a pipe!


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