Sunday, 9 March 2014


St Augustine's Roman Catholic Church is a relatively small one, built around 1869-1870 and is one of only two catholic churches in Melbourne's Central Business District (St Patrick's Cathedral is outside the CBD in East Melbourne). It is built of Malmsbury bluestone (Malmsbury is 100 kilometres north of Melbourne on the Bendigo rail line).

Its design is more ornate than the more centrally located St Francis, this being Georgian. Historically, this church has enjoyed a strong connection with seafarers. The gardens are pleasant but the church is somewhat overshadowed by nearby developments.The church is only 100 metres from the Southern Cross Railway Station.

The church may not be a popular tourist spot, but it is cosy and beautiful enough to visit at any convenient time if you are staying at the central business district. It is usually open during business hours and of course during the mass times. It is always a wonderful spot to enter, enjoy the peaceful atmosphere, think and pray.

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  1. awesome - love it outside - but my favorite is the inside. wood pews - i bet they are hard on the body/legs after sitting there for a while. hope you can stand some times too? love the stain glass windows too. great addition this week. take care, Nick. ( :

  2. I love the stonework and stained glass. Beautiful spot in the bustling city.

  3. What a gem you've found, Nick! «Louis» wishes he could see this for himself.

    «Louis» posted this little church he found in tiny (pop. 188) Elmira, California.

  4. The contrast of the old and the new in that first photo is terrific Nick.

  5. Great blog, some wonderful photos you have taken


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