Tuesday, 24 June 2014


Found under the pedestrian bridge on Southbank, and only accessible from stairs which descend from above, there is another world at Ponyfish Island. Ponyfish bar and restaurant has a location as unique as its name, hidden away in a floating haven on the Yarra River. The vibe is eccentric, and the city perspective is very different, but the menu hits the spot with breakfast toasties, lunchtime quesadillas, platters to share and a range of barbecued burgers. Or, just conversation over a cup of coffee on Winter's day...

This post is part of the Our World Tuesday meme,
and also part of the Ruby Tuesday meme.


  1. sure is a lovely place to have a meal, great atmosphere; have a nice Tuesday

    much love...

  2. Wow, it's well hidden. I would love to try out the food in there and you get good views of the river too.

  3. seems to be a wonderful place!

  4. What a cool little restaurant! Nice shots!

  5. we have a bridge that opens up like this too. I came to Melbourne last oct. They were preparing th soil for the floral clock.

  6. It is a very cool spot Nick. Did you see it on the news yesterday. It got flooded out when the river rose during our blast of wind and rain.


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