Tuesday 10 June 2014


Red Door Corner Store is a neighbourhood café in Northcote, an inner suburb. It is quite delightful and provides a great place to meet friends, have a bite to eat and enjoy great coffee. All the more convenient for the neighbourhood as it is close to everyone's house and one doesn't have to venture out to a shopping strip or shopping centre!

This post is part of the Our World Tuesday meme,
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  1. Looks like an inviting, fun place to hang out!

  2. What a fantastic place to have coffee at!

    1. I would always want to eat outside, if possible. Inside you get too much noise and not enough space. Outside you get fresh air, sunshine and you can catch up with friends.

  3. So nice to see places like this bustling Nick. Big congrats on the promo you received from Michaels Camera Store FB.

  4. Great shots of a wonderful place! Wish my neighbourhood had a cafe like this!

  5. I walk past a cafe on my way to school, there are always people outside even in winter.


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