Sunday 1 June 2014


During the ‘Black Saturday’ Victorian bush fires in February 2009, Kavellaris Urban Design broadcasted an invitation to donate services for the reconstruction of the fire-effected Anglican and Catholic Churches via ABC radio. The St Mary’s Kinglake Church responded to the invitation and St Mary's Catholic Church was completed in December 2010 as part of this initiative.

The building is essentially three interlocking volumes that symbolise the Holy Trinity, and which are strategically arranged to capture the views of the beautiful surrounding landscape. The main chapel is orientated in an east west direction with a southern wall of glass that incorporates the Kinglake valleys as a backdrop to the interior space. A bank of highlight windows to the east filters the morning sun into the double height space during mass and also provides solar gain to the space.

Reflective mirrored glass was used, so that the internal space maintains privacy and simultaneously reflects the landscape onto the building and provides a striking contrast of urban materials in a green fill site. As vehicles approach around the bend from the main road into Kinglake, the large two storey colourful cross is the first object that can be seen sitting in the green surroundings. At night the building disappears onto the darkness and a glowing cross floats in the darkness of Kinglake.

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  1. What a stunning church! Definitely not traditional, yet so lovely.

  2. The modern church is cool! I like it! Great post and photos.

  3. now that is a great view to enjoy from the church. nice!! ( :
    have a great week, Nick!

  4. Such an unusual design for a church.

  5. Fantastic post. Lovely building and good to know the history behind it.


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