Monday, 11 August 2014


The South Melbourne market is a covered food and general goods market located in South Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. It began operating in 1867, and is a Victorian style of building with wood and red brick. The market has undergone various refurbishments in its lifetime, some of necessity, after numerous fires. The worst of these was in 1981 when two of the original sheds were destroyed and, later in the year, stalls were damaged by bombs. In 2007/2008, the market's produce areas were redesigned, and in 2012 a new roof was added to reduce leaking and heat load.

With almost 150 stalls operated by small business owners, and 2 hours free parking in the undercover rooftop car park, the market features a huge range of products. As well as that, one may find interesting touches of art and culture int he market, including some quirky murals. The market is just 10 minutes from Melbourne’s CBD and is easily accessible by tram, bus, bike, foot or car.

This post is part of the Monday Murals meme,
and also part of the Blue Monday meme.


  1. Hi Nick,

    Oh, I'd sure have fun shopping there, and I like the idea of my car parked inside. No worries about rain! Thanks for playing today.

    Happy Blue Monday.

  2. What a colorful interesting market they built and refurbished, you found a lot of nice blue, too. I can't tell if the woman's flowing skirt is made of fish, birds, leaves and flowers, or all four. The frog is very cool-looking too.

  3. I remember this market. TOo bad about the graffiti, but they are nice murals!

  4. Wowza! What a gorgeous skirt on that woman in the mural.

    Take 25 to Hollister

  5. It seems to have recovered well from the fires and the new roof looks great.
    Do lots and lots of people shop there, at least on weekends?

    1. Yes, Hels, it is always busy, but especially so at weekends. I'll be posting more photos from this vibrant market, so stay tuned!

  6. Oh Nick these blues are terrific! I particularly like those monkeys, See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil! Reminds me of the politicians in this country. LOL! I see lots of great blues I would love to have hre! Thanks for sharing and enjoy your week.

  7. South Melbourne market is my favourite market in Melbourne. It's a manageable size and in a great location. Oh ... and it has so many food choices.

  8. Love the woman in the fauna gown. Has an Icart feel to it. This looks like a place I'd like to browse; who knows what treasures can be found. Thanks, Nick, for contributing to this week's Monday Mural.

  9. Wonderful place to visit and shop at!


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