Wednesday, 20 August 2014


Fitzroy is a suburb of Melbourne, Australia, 2 km north-east of Melbourne's Central Business District. At the 2011 Census, Fitzroy had a population of 9,430. Planned as Melbourne's first suburb, it was later also one of the city's first areas to gain municipal status. It occupies Melbourne's smallest and most densely populated suburban area, just 100 Ha, bordered by Alexandra Parade (north), Victoria Parade (south), Smith Street (east) and Nicholson Street.

It has a long associations with the working class and is currently inhabited by a wide variety of ethnicities and socio-economic groups and is known for a culture of bohemianism, being the main home of Melbourne's Fringe Festival. Its commercial heart is Brunswick Street, which is one of Melbourne's major retail, eating, and entertainment strips. It has undergone waves of both urban renewal and gentrification since the 1950s. In response to past planning practices, much of the suburb is now a historic preservation precinct, with many individual buildings and streetscapes covered by Heritage Overlays. Its built environment is diverse and features some of the finest examples of Victorian era architecture in Melbourne.

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  1. Love those old buildings -- looks like an interesting place to walk. My WW

  2. I think I am going to like Melbourne and its suburbs. Thanks for sharing those beautiful photos.
    Wil.ABCW Team

  3. When I was a child in the early 1950s, Fitzroy was not a desirable suburb to live or shop in. Now I love Brunswick St :)

  4. Looks like a great place! Please share at

  5. seems like a charming locale

  6. Gee you got some good ones there Nick. I have two faves. 1. The one with the guy sitting in front of the huge image of the face. 2. That quirky concrete character about to jump into you camera lens towards the end.

  7. It sure is a big looking city for the population. It reminds me of a section in San Diego. Fun to hang out in.
    Take 25 to Hollister

  8. Just to point out that the 3rd photo (taken at the junction of Johnston and Brunswick Streets) is not taken on 20/08/2014. The mural on the wall of One Twenty Bar painted by street artists Adnate and TwoOne in January 2014 is clearly missing from the photo.


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