Tuesday 14 October 2014


Batman Market is a new weekend market located at 14 -22 Gaffney Street, Coburg. It is centrally located, 15 minute drive from Melbourne Airport and 8km from Melbourne CBD. Getting to Batman Market by public transport is easy, as it is located right next to Batman Railway Station (Upfield Line – 20 minutes from CBD) and the Sydney Road/Gaffney Street intersection where one can catch the #19 tram or several bus routes The market provides its surrounding communities access to a variety of Melbourne’s food, fresh produce and unique local products.

We visited this market last Sunday, on its opening weekend, when the weather was perfect: Temperatures around 30˚C, sunny and fine. The market was well-attended and a large variety of stalls were set up, predominantly selling street food of various kinds. Indian, Argentinian, Colombian, Chinese, Sri Lankan, Turkish, etc, etc. There were some art and craft stalls, fresh flowers and vegetables, clothing, some trash and treasure stalls and buskers. The politicians were not absent either, with Liberals handing out blue balloons and Labor handing out red ones - no surprise, a state election is nigh...

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  1. $5 and $12 for fresh flowers? Perfect. I pay $18-24 and the market flowers are probably fresher.

  2. Fun photos from the market. I especially enjoyrd the flowers.

  3. Wonderful photos from the market.. The flowers are beautiful and the watermelon looks delicious.. Great street scenes.. Have a happy week!

  4. lots of stuff in taht market. So sunny and colorful.

  5. Lots of food there - that water mellon sure looked good.


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