Monday 6 October 2014


On Thursday 21 August 2014, the Brunswick Library moved back to its original location at the corner of Sydney Road and Dawson Street, Brunswick. The 90 year old iconic building that is home to the library was transformed after significant structural works and a major refurbishment. The library now has a new computer training room, increased seating for reading and wi-fi use, additional PCs, upgraded amenities and new lighting.

A spectacular mural by artist Geoff Hogg adorns the back of the library and provides a focal point for the visitor. Trained as a painter, Geoff Hogg was an early contributor to the revival of contemporary Public Art. He began his work with a strong interest in public forms including street installation, projection, integrated architecture and craft along with banner making, processional objects and in particular, large scale wall painting and drawing. This work grew from a concern to re-connect with under-valued sources and traditions in contemporary cultural life.

The mural is full of historical references and builds images from the memories and cultural patterns that the multicultural residents of Brunswick bring into the City in order to enliven it and enrich it. Depicted are Turkish ceramic ornaments, Victorian reproductions of classical figures, a Chinese poem, indigenous hand designs and persons and incident from local history including a portrait of artist Noel Counihan active in the 1930s and an important figure in social and political reform.

The mural (painted on the proscenium arch of the old theatre the library occupies) draws the eye straight through the main space of the library. Neutral colours in the main part of the library keep the focus on Hogg’s large and expressive mural, while soft furnishings pick out certain colours to give the space a pleasing visual unity.

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  1. Hi Nick,

    You sure found a unique blue today. What an impressive library. Libraries are no longer just about books.

    Have a Happy Blue Monday!

  2. Thank you as I enjoyed learning about all this and seeing teh gorgeous murals.

  3. Like books, this mural takes you to another world!

  4. Beautiful, lush, exotic, a little mysterious. Who could ask for more. Thanks for contributing to this week's Monday Mural.

  5. I can see I really do need to visit Melbourne soon (with my camera!). Your shots of murals (and the murals themselves) are great art:)


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