Saturday 4 October 2014


Darebin Parklands is a natural bushland reserve only 7 km away from the Melbourne CBD. The main entry is via Separation street from Fairfield and visitors are greeted with a modest BBQ area. Spreading out from this are large lawns, ponds, hills and if you follow one of the many walking trails, within minutes you are in bushland and have lost sight of civilisation. There is a lookout that has amazing views back onto the city and a walking track that follows the course of the Darebin Creek. It is the Creek that enlivens the Parklands and gives many a beautiful view along its length.

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  1. Oh Beautiful takes! This looks a bit like a similarity where I take pictures # 1 and 5. Do you have a falls connected to yours.

    I do. I was looking to see if you did but do not see any fast flowing water from a falls. You have a calmness but I do as I walk further like yours. Nice you share.

  2. The creek is terrific. I hope you enjoyed your walk (I'm so jealous ! With my knee healing, - It is such a long process, I'm feeling crazy sometimes, being forced to stay home and to have to wait before going for a hike when I feel like it) for me too. ^^

  3. What a beautiful place. Lovely reflections.

  4. Welch herrliche Landschaft.
    Du hast eine tolle Atmosphäre eingefangen.
    Die Spiegelung ist super.
    Liebe Grüße, Karin


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