Friday 12 December 2014


Mill Park is a relatively new outer Northern suburb in Melbourne, situated 23 km from the CBD, in a "population growth corridor". Its Local Government Area is the City of Whittlesea. At the 2006 Census, Mill Park had a population of 31,642.

The Mill Park Library opened in 2002 at a cost of $8 million, and was the first library in Victoria to be designed on the concept of a hybrid digital/print library. It serves the northern outer suburbs. This iconic library building on Plenty Road has a spacious children’s library, a fully equipped training room with 12 PCs, an extensive Local History collection and a quiet reading area. As well as material in English, the library offers community language material in Italian, Greek, Maltese and Chinese.

When we visited the library today we saw it had had its columns "yarn-bombed". I must say that the colourful patterns certainly spruced up the rather dull grey of the concrete and lent a festive air tot he building, perfect for the Christmas holidays!

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  1. lol, somebody has been busy. Very colorful.

  2. great reflections captured as well!
    found this most interesting in conjunction with 2, 2015 reading challenges, in support of local libraries.
    Hearing about yours is inspirational...

  3. These harm bombings look great on this building. Nice closeup photos, too.

    We had one in a local park, on the trees. I liked the trees better without the yarn. I heard complaints that the yarn could have been better used making blankets or scarves for the homeless or other needy people.

  4. Excuse my computer's spelling corrections. I'm a bad typist and of course, I meant to say Yarn Bombing ---I certainly hope no HARM was done.

  5. Very interesting! I love all those bright colors!
    Have a great week-end!

  6. this is really fun...and great reflections too!!

  7. That is such a vivid way to give color to a piece of modern urban architecture... Thanks for this inspiring sharing !


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