Friday 9 January 2015


We have a lot of weather in Melbourne! Our climate is quite varied and variable and there is plenty of opportunity for experiencing all sorts of extremes. For example, one may very well see evidence of all four seasons in one day. It does give us opportunity to gripe about it and the weather is always a safe and fruitful topic of conversation.

In Summer it is not unusual to have maxima of temperature up in the low forties (centigrade scale). Fortunately, such heat waves do not persist for long, usually only two or three days. What saves Melbourne is its variability of climate and the all important "cool changes" that come from the South or West. When such a change sweeps through the city, the temperature drops quite magically and one can hear a massive sigh relief reverberating through the metropolis. I remember once several years ago when I experienced an amazing cool change where the temperature spectacularly fell within half an hour or so from the low forties down to the teens...

On the 3rd of January this year, we did have a scorcher of a day with a maximum of 38.4˚C reached. A cool change came through in the afternoon and sure enough the temperature dropped down tot eh low twenties as the wind and clouds moved in from the West. The photos show the cool change coming in bringing the cooler temperatures and rain.

This post is part of the Skywatch Friday meme.


  1. Wow, what dramatic sky shots! Beautiful!

  2. Looks like a storm coming. Great shots!

  3. It looks like an incoming tide of clouds, flowing across the sky. One of my sons has been posting the temps from the part of Melbourne , that he and his wife live in has definitely been hot!!!

  4. We are spoiled, aren't we. We carry on a treat when it is over 36c...and whinge relentlessly when it falls below 20c. I wonder if there is a city on earth that has perfect temperatures, perfect rainfall, no bushfires, no cyclones, no tsunamis etc etc

    All in all, I think I prefer home :)

  5. It was especially interesting to read about this strong changes in the wheather.... And your captures shows this dramatical ⛄️ We have since two days stormy wheather, rain and snow.
    By the way, I would like to wish you a happy and healthy good year.


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