Saturday 10 January 2015


Melbourne’s newest walking and cycling bridge along the Yarra River, named the "Jim Stynes Bridge" in honour of the late footballer, opened in June 2014. Planning Minister Matthew Guy and Lord Mayor Robert Doyle joined Stynes’ wife Samantha and children Matisse and Tiernan to mark the bridge's first day of operation. The bridge was formally opened by Tiernan, who ran through a banner built by the Melbourne cheer squad that read ‘‘Jim’s Bridge’’.

The Jim Stynes Bridge reminds people of the contribution the 2010 Melburnian of the Year had made to Melbourne. Jim Stynes represented the quintessential Melbourne story: A migrant made good. The story of his settling in Melbourne, his outstanding AFL career, his philanthropy and charity work, and his brave fight against cancer touched us all. Designed by engineers Aurecon in partnership with Cox Architecture, a bronze plaque at each end of the bridge tells the life story of Stynes, who died in 2012.

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  1. Good to have a bridge for cyclists and pedestrians. I like the different textures in your photo.

  2. Not very often to I weep when sportsmen pass away, but Jim Stynes was very special. I barrack for Melbourne, but even if I did not, his was a terrible loss to our city.

    A perfect memorial!

  3. Great b&w post!
    We have a simular bridge in Trondheim!


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