Wednesday 3 June 2015


Some fishers on the banks of the Yarra in Yarra Bend Park in Kew. The river is home to several species of fish. In the lower reaches of the Yarra mainly Southern black bream and jellyfish and in the upper reaches smaller quantities of European perch (redfin), Macquarie Perch, Brown Trout, Murray Cod and Freshwater Catfish.

However almost all of the fish are contaminated with heavy metals including arsenic and not fit for human consumption. Dolphins have been known to venture upstream as far as South Yarra, and serve as an example of the increased salinity of the river's lower reaches. Platypus are rarely seen as far downstream as Fairfield.

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  1. Such a lovely place. Nice shots!
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  2. Just cruisin' down the river, so the song goes.


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