Monday, 19 September 2016


Mike Maka is a painter who works in a variety of media mainly on walls, canvas and illustration on paper. His web site is here and I have featured other Melbourne murals of his here, and here and here.

This latest mural featured in this post is found in Northcote, on the side wall of a two-story old Victorian terrace house. A rather incongruous image for such a grand old house, but perhaps this is part of the mural's appeal...

The mural depicts an R2-D2 type of robot, which seems to be a glorified music machine ("R2-DISCO"). The music theme is further hinted at by the electric leads and the tom-tom drums. On the other hand there is also suggestion of a space opera with a flying saucer hovering above and a crashed spaceship above the sumptuous red flower. The jungle-like setting with lush vegetation and floating blue fish completes the surreal image, a veritable "vernal equinox night's dream" quite aptly as we are approaching this astronomical occurrence...

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  1. That's huge and so cool. I really like this one. I wonder if the neighbor likes it...
    ~The Happy Wonderer

  2. It's quite cute, but have mixed feelings about such a modern piece being painted on the walls of a Victorian house...

  3. That is an interesting Star Wars mural featuring R2-D2. Not sure it fits the house or neighborhood.

  4. That is absolutely the coolest mural!

  5. Wow, something you wouldn't expect on the side of that type of house! But it is a fantastic mural, for sure!

  6. Hi Nick, This mural is fabulous. Futuristic and lovely at the same time. Except for the squashed plant under the spaceship. Smiling here. It is a very odd choice on the side of the old house. Past, future and present is my thinking.

    Thank you for joining Blue Monday so faithfully. I always look forward to your entries.

  7. How great is that! Thanks for sharing!

  8. As long as the owners of this Victorian house likes it:):) I agree with the incongruity. The mural in itself is a feat, so, thank you much for sharing this with SEASONS. Have a great week!
    Am going to visit the links you gave.

  9. What an interesting place for a robot! The details are really great.


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