Wednesday, 14 September 2016


Heavy rain has been falling across Victoria in the last week, causing great concern and much anxiety for residents across the state. Areas in central and western Victoria have been flooded, including Hamilton, where people were evacuated amid concerns a temporary levee would burst.

In Melbourne, we have had quite a lot of water, with much of Melbourne recording about 20mm of rain in the last 24 hours, while Geelong's soaking topped 26mm. Although Melbourne hasn't smashed any rainfall records yet, some parts of Victoria had. The highest rainfall was recorded at Mount William in The Grampians - 103mm in 24 hours, most of that overnight. The Mallee town of Walpeup received more than its usual entire average month of rain in one day.

Here is the Darebin Creek in Fairfield showing quite a lot of water coming through after the heavy rain that fell in its catchment.

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  1. Raining here is finally over for awhile but cooler air has moved in. We turned the heat on and my husband and I are experiencing sore throats, coughing fits and needed to go to the druggist for some relief. I hope all is well with you. Nice photos!

  2. We could actually use some of that if you'd care to send it our way!
    Thanks for inking up at

  3. I know Australia always needs enough rain to defeat the constant risk of drought. But floods can be even more dangerous than droughts. Hopefully country people are smart enough avoid flooded roads and creeks!!


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