Sunday 11 September 2022


Brunetti, the Italian restaurant, café and pasticceria, is a famous Melbourne institution on Lygon Street, Carlton. It is large, yet cosy; noisy and busy, yet intimate; crowded, yet efficient; popular, yet delivers consistently good quality. I've lived in Melbourne long enough to see it growing and growing, but whenever I go there I remember my student years at University and the endless cups of espresso we consumed there, in the then small and intimate premises... 

This post is part of the My Sunday Best meme


  1. Love seeing the upscale sweet shop with its wide range of tempting desserts. I'm happy there are no calories in looking.

  2. I haven't been to every country in the world but I am still prepared to say Lygon St Carlton is my favourite street anywhere. I have the Lygon St genes in my blood.


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