Friday 17 February 2012


Fairfield is a railway station in Melbourne, Australia, located in the suburb of Fairfield, on the Hurstbridge railway line. Fairfield is classed as a Host Station and is in Metlink. Metro Trains Melbourne is the current franchise operator of the suburban railway network of Melbourne. Metro Trains Melbourne is a joint venture led by Hong Kong based MTR Corporation (60%) together with John Holland Group (20%) and United Group Rail (20%). Metro Trains Melbourne operates a fleet of 381 three-car train sets on 830 kilometres of track. There are sixteen regular service train lines and one special events train line. Metro Trains Melbourne is also responsible for 212 train stations and employs a workforce of 3,500 rail professionals including train drivers, mechanical and electrical engineers, network operations specialists and customer service representatives.

Fairfield is a predominantly residential suburb, with a small north-eastern pocket remaining a light industrial area. Because it is situated on what many regard as the fringes of Melbourne's popular and much-revived 'inner city', gentrification has been strong, and property prices are high. To the south is the Yarra River and surrounding parkland, and the popular Fairfield Boathouse.

Commercial activity is focused on the shopping strip on Station Street and Wingrove Street, opposite Fairfield railway station. Fairfield's commercial outlets have prospered in recent years, with a recent influx of caf├ęs, bars and specialist shops on Station Street. Adjacent to the railway station, facing north-east, is the Fairfield Industrial Dog Object (FIDO), a 6m tall wooden dog. This is a huge sculpture in recycled hardwood Erected in April 2000 and created by Ian Sinclair, Jackie Staude, David Davies and Alistair Knox. The theme was chosen in order to "represent the precinct's dog-loving community", and it was originally designed to interact with viewers – sensors allowed it to respond the presence of onlookers by wagging its tail, wiggling its ears and lighting up at night - alas no longer working!

This is my local railway station and as I am an early bird, I get a very early train to the City to work. There is some opportunity to take some morning photos without too many people around.

This post is part of the Skywatch Friday meme.

Crescent moon and Venus
Sunrise over the Station building
Another morning - rainy...
The Metro train 
Another view of FIDO
Station  Street, Fairfield, shopping strip


  1. Beautiful sky. Boom & I really like Fido. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  2. The strong colour in the photos are so good! Well done!
    Happy Friday to you!

  3. Another very interesting look/tour of your world, Nick! Being an early riser myself, I particularly loved your first shot and the moon! What terrific way to begin any day! And Fido!! How fun! Great post as always!! Have a wonderful weekend!


  4. Beautiful shots!
    Love the first shot with the moon and of course Fido.
    Have a great weekend.

  5. beautiful series of photos but the first one gets my vote. :)

  6. I love your morning shots! And Fido of course.

  7. love Fido...awesome morning skies!!!

  8. Great shots. I love Fido too.

  9. Early mornings are great for photo ops Nick .... Love the crescent moon and Venus

  10. Beautiful skies! Morning light is always so lovely.
    The train looks pretty modern ANSI like FIDO too. Sounds like an interesting area.

  11. Very nice shots.

    Regards and best wishes

  12. It is great to be the first on the train in the morning.
    Pity FIDO doesn't wag his tail any longer - that would be fun to watch people's reactions!

  13. beautiful morning skies!
    thanks for brithening my day with your lovely images!

    have a great weekend!


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