Tuesday 30 October 2012


I am away from home at an intensive residential workshop for my work for several days, so this means that almost all of my waking time is being taken up by all sorts of activities, both work-related but also team-building, social ones. At least it is in a very beautiful location about 40 or so minutes away from the city, far away enough to immerse oneself totally in the activities and workshop, but at the same time near enough to mean that can get here easily, a leisurely drive against the traffic at peak time. The facilities are world standard and the complex is huge. We are getting the first real Summer weather at the moment, with temperatures around 30˚C.

The complex is Aitken Hill, Australia's leading conference and events venue, which was designed by award-winning architects Peddle Thorpe, Aitken Hill is a purpose built, dedicated conferencing and events venue that leads the way in cutting edge and state of the art technology. Aitken Hill proudly boasts 6000 square metres of conferencing space, as well as extensive accommodation and first class recreational facilities. Set on a spectacular 170 acre private property, Aitken Hill's native Australian flora and fauna co-exist peacefully amongst their breathtaking surrounds.

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  1. AAAARRRGGGHHH!!! Residential course with team building? I think I'm having a flashback to a past corporate life ... at least it's in spectacular surrounds!!! Enjoy - if you can!!

  2. Looks like a beautiful place and your captures are wonderful, Nick, but I, too, am having a flashback to past corporate life!! Definitely enjoy as much as possible and have a good week! Thanks for sharing the best part!!

  3. Thanks for yet another journey down history lane Nick - some years ago I organised a corporate event at Aitken Hill and found the staff helpful and very professional throughout the occasion, supported by excellent food. (With apologies to the architects though, in my view, the rather humble external appearance of the complex doesn't do justice to the quality of the internal facilities!) Superb surroundings and a great venue. Hope you get to swim in the pool! Enjoy your time there and trust it proves beneficial.

  4. The reflections of the 3rd one is my favorite! The workshop you are at, sounds interesting. I wonder is it about how to work as a residential neighborhood? don't know if there would be such kinds of workshops here in the US (may be political ones...). Anyway, hope it gives you the info and skills you're looking for!


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