Tuesday 2 October 2012


One of Melbourne's favourite tourist attractions, the Conservatory opened on the 13th of March 1930, and has a history of over 70 years of providing spectacular floral displays. The Building copies the Spanish mission architectural style, measuring 30 x 15 metres and originally costing 4,000 pounds. The Conservatory is a vital part of the City's commitment to excellence in horticulture. There are five separate displays each year. It is used by tourists, schools, families and anyone who wants to capture a moment of floral beauty.

Display 1 - Hydrangea / Fuchsia: November - February
Display 2 - Tuberous Begonia / Gloxinia: February - April
Display 3 - Tropical / Pointsettia: April - July
Display 4 - Cineraria / Cyclamen: July - September
Display 5 - Schizanthus / Calceolaria: September - November

Also in the conservatory are two memorials. One dedicated to Mary Gilbert, the first migrant woman settler in the Port Phillip settlement that was to become Melbourne. A statue by Ailsa O'Connor adds to the tribute. However, for me even more poignant is a simple plaque that commemorates Wilma Saunders, Conservatory Attendant and Fitzroy Gardens Tour Guide between 1999 and 2009...

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  1. Such a pretty collection Nick and fitting that appreciation is shown to a dedicated lady.

  2. What a beautiful place to be remembered!

    Beneath thy Feet

  3. Such a gorgeous place! And wonderful tributes to the women!

  4. What a wonderful place! And, your images are lovely.

    We have a conservatory very close to us, too. We love spending time there taking pictures.

  5. Such a beautiful, colorful place, Nick, and such wonderful tributes to women! Superb captures as always! Hope your week is going well!

  6. Beautiful blossoms and great tributes.

  7. Nick, Recently I read a book about the early settlers , who were transported on ships to Australia, and how they adjusted. It was very interesting and eye opening too. For the amount of suffering they bore , and the courage they had to withstand and grow. I thought about those people when I saw the conservatory being dedicated to the first settler.! Well done, Melbourne to honor individuals, with a beautiful place, also nurtured by a lady.

  8. The blues and purples are my favorites. Thanks Nick.

  9. I find it so touching when places such as this set up a memorial to their well loved staff.

  10. Hah! A lovely indirect memorial for TT, Nick. I have never toured over these gardens. I am hoping to be in Melbourne early in December. Shall see if I can fit them in. Many thanks for the post and your ccontinued support.

  11. Conservatories and greenhouses are always such a treat; especially in cold weather.

  12. I haven't seen a conservatory built in this style before. It also reminds me I should spend more time amongst the flowers.


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