Saturday 27 October 2012


The Capital City Trail is a shared use path for cyclists and pedestrians, which circles the Melbourne city centre and some inner Eastern and Northern suburbs of Melbourne. A popular starting point for the trail is at Princes Bridge near Flinders Street Station. The rider can head off in an Easterly or Westerly direction. If heading off in the Westerly, either side of the river can be used, but the South side tends to be more popular. The Capital City Trail uses the same path as the Main Yarra Trail up to Dights Falls, where it continues, using the same path the Merri Creek Trail, as part of its loop around the city.

Here, near the city one can see the Swan St Bridge to the East, and the city skyline to West. Daylight savings means twilight lingers well after 8:00 pm in Spring.

This post is part of the Weekend Reflections meme,
and also part of the Sunday Bridges meme.


  1. I always love your watery reflections, Nick, and your evening shots and these are terrific as always! Hope you're enjoying a great weekend and that you get some rest after a busy week!!

  2. the lights on the water are so lovely
    wonderful path!!

  3. What an oasis !

    Please have a good Sunday.

  4. Nice reflections on the water.

  5. I would like to use this path - it would make you feel as if you apart from the city while being only a bridge away from it all.

  6. What pretty shots. This path looks like a wonderful one...very quiet and peaceful place to take a stroll with the camera..Your photos make the bridge look beautiful. genie


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