Sunday 18 May 2014


Melbourne has beaten Rome, Vienna and Sydney in being judged to have the best coffee in the world. Travel website surveyed more than 1000 of its users from around the world and found Melbourne was well and truly on top when it comes to coffee. Melbourne baristas take pride in their coffee and it is appreciated by diners and tourists.

Tourists love Melbourne because our coffee and cafe culture is a part of our lives and is a very unique thing to Melbourne. There are many great specialty roasters in Melbourne that consistently strive for excellence.  In the survey, 301 guests endorsed Melbourne for coffee, followed by 187 endorsements for Vienna, 116 for Rome and 86 for Lviv in the Ukraine (March 2014).

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  1. When I went out to brunch this morning, Sunday, I said EXACTLY the same thing... that Melbourne is the greatest espresso centre in the universe :)

    I have not yet visited every nation of course, but it is my plan to drink espresso in every one of them before I shuffle off this mortal coil.

  2. Lovely b&w cpmposition!
    My post:

  3. Quite apart from being about coffee, I like this very much. I like the lines of the table behind the rounded shapes of the cups etc. Beautifully composed.

  4. Sounds like an unbiased opinion! Nicely edited. ..enjoy!

  5. Nicely composed image.

  6. I think they got it right Nick.

  7. It sure looks tempting. :-)


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