Monday 5 May 2014


For a city of of its size, Melbourne has a reasonable number of public transport options. There are buses, trams, coaches, taxis and trains that cover nearly every suburb in the greater metropolitan area, and beyond.

Metro Trains Melbourne operates the metropolitan train network under an agreement with the Victorian Government. There are 15 separate lines in the Metro train network, 837 km of track and a total of 218 stations, 80 of which are premium stations with enhanced facilities. The fleet size consists of 407 three-car sets comprising: 187 Comeng, 72 Siemens, 134 X'Trapolis and 14 Hitachi trains. The annual patronage for the 2012-13 year was 225.5 million passenger trips.

As it is an efficient way to commute, there is considerable pressure on the State Government to increase the coverage of rail services and expand the rail network. A train to the Tullamarine International Airport from the City with links tot eh suburban lines is long overdue.

Most of the rail track int eh suburbs is above ground as shown here but there is a largely underground rail loop in the City centre. The suburban rail reserves allow plenty of scope for graffiti artists to decorate/deface boundary fences...

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  1. Hello Nick,

    Isn't it a shame that a beautiful blue train has to ride by all of this graffiti? Thanks for playing today.

    Have a Happy Blue Monday!

  2. Can't read the name but your close-up shots give it an interesting abstract quality. Tagging like this is always controversial. Thanks for contributing to this week's Monday Mural.

  3. Our public train system often receives a lot of criticism but I believe it is pretty good.


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