Monday 29 September 2014


About a week ago, we chanced upon this mural being painted on the wall of Wilbur's Café on Dawson St in Brunswick. We watched the graffitist at work and got a chance to sample the good coffee within. Today we drove past again and saw the completed mural/advertisement. It is eye-catching and certainly draws your attention to what this café is best at: Coffee, not art!

This post is part of the Monday Murals meme,
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and also part of the Blue Monday meme.


  1. That's cool, it looks worth a drive over!
    Wren x

  2. Hi Nick,

    Your guy has a big, blue hat! Thanks for making Blue Monday special.

    Have a Beautiful Blue Monday!

  3. Love it! The stylized person and bright colors would definitely draw me in.

  4. A manly, large and hip looking cup of Joe. Isn't it amazing how many businesses are using street art to advertise. Thanks, Nick, for contributing to this week's Monday Mural.

  5. I love the soft blue of your sky. The buildings and mural are such a contrast to the blue. Love it!

  6. That is fabulous sign writing in graffiti style.

  7. The guy holding the coffee is rather offputting. And the right hand is like he is holding a gun. The whole thing gives me the creeps actually...

  8. I finally got to see your MoM pic from two weeks ago. It is really interesting the way you captured the progression of the artwork. I also liked the dramatic ending - the big signature (tag?). btw i grew up in a street called Wilbur St:)!


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