Sunday, 27 September 2015


Christ Church is an Anglican church in the busy centre of Brunswick, just twenty minutes by tram to the north of the Melbourne CBD. The first part of the building was dedicated in 1857 and reached its final form in 1875, and has been used for weekly and daily worship since that time.

Christ Church has a proud tradition of Anglican worship in the Catholic tradition in the Northern Region of the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne, a diocese of the Anglican Church of Australia. Preaching and sacraments are at the centre of worship at Christ Church. Services at Christ Church blend the old and the new, drawing on the Book of Common Prayer (1662, revised 1928) and A Prayerbook for Australia (1995).

The parish is involved in the local community in various ways, including the Op Shop, Villa Rustica Cafe, inter-church activities with the other churches in the area, and through connections to Trinity College, and St Paul's Cathedral.

Christ Church is classified by the National Trust of Australia (Victoria) and is also listed on the State Government of Victoria Heritage database. Christ Church is a good example of Italian Renaissance architecture, although the campanile alone is of Romanesque design. The Nave was built in1857 (Architect: Purchas & Swyer, Builder: Peter Cunningham); The Transept, Chancel & Vestry in 1863-1864 (Architect: Smith & Watts, Builder: Dry & Co.); The Campanile in 1870-1871 (Architect: Smith & Watts, Builder: Martin & Peacock); The Apse in 1874-1875 (Architect: J. Wyatt, Builder: Pickering & Dolly).

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  1. Love the campanile! Just one question. What is Anglican worship in the Catholic tradition?

    1. Hello Hels, Anglo-Catholic is a conservative form of Anglicanism sometimes called "High Church" (opposed to the "Low Church" Anglicanism). Anglo-Catholic mass reminds one of Catholic mass sans reference to Pope... See:

  2. hey, Nick!! love all the stain glass. so awesome. thanks for sharing this weekend with us. hope you are doing well. take care. ( :

  3. Beautiful church, looks Mediterranean with some wonderful featurs


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