Monday, 2 November 2015


This mural/sculpture is called “Wings” and the artist is Andrea Tomaselli. It is constructed of mild steel plate (8mm) rolled and epoxy finished. It is plasma cut and engineered July-September 2002. It is part of the Public Art Commission (2002) of the Banyule City Council and is located outside the Public Library in Watsonia on Ibbottson Street, Watsonia.

The artist says this of the work: “The wings of the Waa Mojety (Crow) from the Wurundjeri, native custodians of the land is the centre of the sculpture. I see the overall form of the sculpture as an interpretation of music. The first sound, the drumbeat was a primordial form of social art and cultural challenge.
The various symbols and elements represent different educational and social art forms. They are united in a vortex, a spiral that absorbs, assimilates but at the same time projects thoughts, ideas, exchanges and interactions.”

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  1. Nick...The red sculpture is awesome. What a find. It is so creative and unusual. It’s a beauty. Thanks for all the close ups so we I can see the lovely detail.

  2. My first thought was theatre and it reminded me of a film reel.

  3. A 3-D mural. Now that's a find!

  4. That's an interesting one.

  5. That's a cool one. I would have wanted to see the details in the wings, so thank you for the close ups. :)

  6. A brilliant touch of whimsy, very delightful!

  7. I LOVE this! I'm not a fan of graffiti adorned walls, railroad cars, and buildings, but this sculpture is just stunning. Very nicely captured.


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