Monday, 9 November 2015


The sculpture “Ophelia” by artist Deborah Halpern was a resident of Southgate, but has been re-located to the river promenade. For nearly 20 years “Ophelia”, had watched over the entrance to Southgate from her courtyard position at BearBrass. As part of Southgate’s redevelopment, “Ophelia” was temporarily taken back to the artist’s studio for restoration before being permanently relocated to a prominent riverside location, right out the front of Southgate’s main entrance.

Once known as the face of Melbourne, “Ophelia” was inspired by the character from Hamlet, full of both love and sadness. Halpern says “Ophelia” is the cousin of “Angel”, the sculpture that adorned the moat of the National Gallery of Victoria for nearly 20 years and now lives upstream at Birrarung Marr. Together they bring life and humanity to the river.

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  1. Love the views of the river!
    Have a wonderful week!

  2. Morning Nick,

    Fascinating art. I can imagine her floating down the river.

    Thanks for playing today.
    Have a Beautiful Blue Monday!

  3. Thanks for the pleasure of a little tour of this grand place.

  4. Lovely photos and I see a lot of blue here. Have a great Blue Monday and enjoy your week.

  5. I do love Southbank. It has been such a success for Melbourne.

  6. Fun photos! I like that odd artwork!


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