Monday 11 July 2016


A few hours of winter sunshine today before the clouds rolled in and we now brace ourselves for the advent of a massive cold front with wind, rain, hail and snow! "Make hay while the sun shines", they say...

The main pond in the Darebin Parklands in Fairfield.

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  1. A few brave souls had their coffees outside today, but most went inside the coffee shops :)

  2. Uh-oh, you must be glad that you didn't wait taking this beautiful sunny view for SEASONS! But then, who knows - snowy shots are also beautiful! Many thanks for sharing this idyllic scene and hope to see you back very soon at SEASONS:)

  3. It does not look cold, but a pretty bright green.

  4. Wow, Nick, everything looks so beautiful, green, and a lovely blue sky. Good timing on this shot because I am having a hard time visualizing such bad weather coming your way. You should get a shot of the bad weather in the same scene and share it too. Smile!

    Happy Blue Monday and thanks for not giving up on me with the linky problem. After a talk with my very knowledgeable friend, I think I've got this linky problem solved.

  5. I'm glad you enjoyed a bit of sun and hope you stay warm. If you don't mind blowing some of that cool weather this way, I'd love that.

  6. We had a lovely sunny day in Auckland today too. Beautiful shot.


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