Monday, 25 July 2016


The mural below is found in Collingwood, at the corner of Campbell and Perry Sts, as indicated by the red asterisk in the first image below. The artist is Gus Eagleton and the following artist statement is from his website, which statement I quote:

“As an artist, I take on the role of philosopher, with the idiotic intention of transcending incomprehensible conceptual barriers through visual representation. Endeavouring to understand life itself through images expressionistically within the conceived idea. Central to my latest body of work is an interest in the dichotomies of order and disorder in relation to people, and the tension between these poles that manifest in the urban landscape.

Statement: As economic growth fluxuates so too does infrastructure, infrastructure like a living organism both expands and deteriorates always one step behind society. Sky risers ascend and the long forgotten remnants of the old world deteriorate, acting as a cultural doppelganger shadowing cultural traits and trends. By constructing paintings I do not wish to undermine a deeper understanding of the history and life that is captured by the city around us. Instead I aim to portray actions placed together with life experience and personality within a location. Everyday we take action, while remaining on the move; we suggest fluency and ease in the city.

My paintings capture, in one moment, the crossing cars, the comings and goings of people, oblivious busyness. Allowing us a glimpse at aesthetic beauty and perhaps even a look into the human condition. My style is a direct relationship to me as a person, both precise and to the point as well as un-restricting and expressive. For me the street relates to life always changing it for better and for worse. I want to help the viewer to delve deeper to see the beauty that life has to offer. Casting a side the monotonous issues that arise to look at the bigger picture.”

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And just for fun if we invert the colours, here is what happens!


  1. I like the original best, the red and blue are so bright!

  2. I like your post. The mural painter used the dark wall to paint a negative image. Now that's creative and really eye catching. Interesting that you inverted the colors. Looks great, but the original has more power.

  3. interesting that she is is something you just don't see anymore in advertising or tv...

  4. Amazing work of art. Not sure I understood all he said about it tho.

  5. Interesting mural - I like the red version best.

  6. I have always wanted to ask the artist why he chose a densely built up inner suburb like Collingwood. Why not a leafy, spacious outer suburb where the art work would be surrounded by nature?

  7. My personal favorite is the blue/yellow one. I chuckled at the philosophic role the artist finds himself in. That's one of the differences between an artist and a illustrator, I think.
    Thank you much for sharing this with SEASONS - since there are so many internationals, this post is a great fit! Have a great week:)

  8. The infrared image is really powerful but your positive version shows better detail and seems more sensitive. Sorry for the Linky glitch. Thanks for contributing to this week's Monday Mural.

  9. Very interesting art and I too think it is interesting to see the cigarette in the scene. Of course I like the inverted art with the blue. Artists often have a philosophy that is a bit out of the box. Only my opinion. Smile.

    Thank you for commenting and joining Blue Monday.

  10. Neat! I like the colorful mural but also the inverted version.

  11. Oh wow! I love the dark colors of the original, but it's also cool when you invert the colors. This is real artistry!

  12. Very different and interesting! Love the use of color!


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